Software Development Project Fails: How do you save them?

It is quite common and natural to see a project failure in any software development company. There are many reasons why software project fails such as budget problem, poor management, less scope, improper schedule, poor technology and much more. When a new software project is launched, the best way to avoid failure, is to take help of an expert from Software Development Company who can assist you at a very early stage of project planning. Getting an expert advice is one of the best practices for the better project outcome. Another is, if you can find the root cause of the problem, you can rescue your software project from becoming the big blunder.

Someone has rightly said that “The roots of trees are bitter, but its fruit is always sweet”

One must focus on the path of the solution, and not the path of failure. This is one of the biggest methology for the software project rescue. Software Development Company needs to standardize the some of the proper key terms to keep the individuals intact, and keep primary focus on goals. Software project rescue also requires the approach for the proper team, and efficient work. It also requires the company to guide you to get the right results. Following the clear standards from the scratch till the end ensures the success of the project. Not doing so can send the project to the death march; hence some guidelines are important to know as follows:-

  • Ensure that, your requirements are properly comprehended: Many software project fails, when requirements are not properly defined. Vendors failed to give the sufficient information needed for developing the software project. To make the software project a success, it is very much necessary that clients to give the adequate information. If there is lack of direction than there is no point in putting efforts for software development. You don’t need to jot down all the minute and mandatory details but clear goals are much necessary. Estimate the nature of the problems, and then give the accurate time frames and budgets. You must also keep an eye on the project manager, whether he is posing the precise questions to the clients or not. This can help in understanding the end product properly. This is quite common while dealing with non-technical clients, like the business owners, CEO, CMO, and others. Business Analysts and project managers should adopt some better ways of effectively gathering requirements from non-technical clients.
  • Accepting the milestone dates, without system audits: Someone of your team mate may spectacularly commits to the deadline, without doing the proper system audit and unintentionally misses the deadline. In such case, it leads to the software project failure. You also must be aware of such kind of people. For instance: would you buy the used house, without checking out properly and its conditions? A system audit will nullify the risk and gives the software development company a good start to initiate the project. There are also multiple reasons why a software development team would be given an arbitrary project completion deadline. Overcrowded schedule is also the next reason for the software project failure.
  • Measurable success matrix must be well defined: Project Manager must define the proper matrix and KPI’s with the team in order to work towards the specified goal. By these, the team gets the clear pointers to hit the target. The last phase of the project development should produce the list of the items that can punch the objective quickly with the measurable results. A good development team must be able to accomplish the task quickly in a given time frame. If you become the champion in passing out these matrixes like task milestone, analysis, research, than you can save your project from getting failed.
  • Engage a team with the right skill: This is the most mandatory thing, for the success of software project. Some project managers, just to save the cost or else, blindly assigned the task to the same team again and again who are least aware of the project task. This leads to the failure. If the task are assigned according to the skill of the employees, project development would quick up as the skilled employees are already aware of the what, when and hows.

There are many other chances of failure, and many other pointers to save your project. But keeping in mind, the above mentioned points will mitigate your risk towards the software development project. Hence finding the root cause and from the proper expertise guidelines throughout the software development life cycle are key things for the project rescue.


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