Top Software Development Trends in 2016

2016 brought around several outsourcing trends that simplify the software development process for developing IT applications. Sourcing has become a vital factor in the business field for years and has become an effective solution for organizations, especially beginners and small to mid-sized companies. The process helps them boot efficiency and services without spending a lot of money. Enterprises worldwide are transferring their various IT requirements to keep up with the competition and boost ROI.

The year will bring about customers embracing standardization. Cloud, utility and virtualization computing will converge. Everything would start to appear the same for the next months as businesses become more and more comfortable with it. The outsourcing industry is becoming more comfortable with the advantages of standardization, which include enhanced efficiency, virtualization, less supports and a whole lot more. There will be more similarity than difference, in the single company’s formerly complicated IT scenario and across enterprises, both service provider and customer.

The cloud would remain dominant this year. Many companies that do so will go for the more economical public solutions. Nevertheless, a rising number would opt for hybrid or private solutions wherein they can do good economic sense. Regardless of the solution, the major concern will be on how will enterprises provide a differentiated support assistance experience which would enable users to click from within an application to help on time assistance.


More than 4,000 billion dollars of outsourcing contracts will be regenerated. Additionally, most of the clientele will forego the traditional approach for a multi-sourcing model that is based on cloud. The workload will be run from the most apt function, than being centralized on a dedicated infrastructure. This further would inspire awareness of the computing style as buyers will consider using analytics and automation to simplify and provide visibility to the sourcing system’s supply chain.

This year, outcomes would be the name of the game when it comes to software development outsourcing. There would be a boost in a market facing process solution such as marketing, managing campaign and inside sales that allow vendors align their compensation and incentives with the intended outcomes of the client. The solutions will incorporate an increase of technologies that are based on the style to allow vendors to compete based on their unique offerings.

The decision to outsource would be data-driven. Big Data and analytics play a major role in the process. As the complexity of the process rises and clients will become more sophisticated, the requirement to search for the next set of opportunities. Furthermore, optimization will benefit so much from analytics and not just on expert advice. Companies would depend on budget transparency and better content for comprehending optimization chances and need better integration of management processes to integrate different services and cloud vendors.

The year 2016 would bring the IT industry a boost in hybrid offshoring, smaller deals, and a larger focus on in-house offering integration, new lower-cost consulting model and bigger governance requirements. This year could be a time to be company-centered, the decisions to outsource could turn into facts, customers embrace standardization and the RFP procedure will acquire true competition. To enhance customer loyalty and to keep them satisfied, it is important to enhance operations continuously as well as thoroughly engage them.


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